51593 Toro Leaf Blower And Leaf Vacuum

From this point we have never actually tested any Toro blower for no particular reason so we decided to try off with the Toro 51592 electric leaf blower. From a quick survey we found it was popular amongst current users. Let’s take a look at this models main features:

• Combo leaf blower with leaf vacuum and mulcher.
• Powerful leaf blower reaching a maximum of around 200 mph.
• 2 variable speed lowest being around 149mph.
• Includes shoulder strap.
• 53L intake bag, largest we have seen so far!

So as we can see we should expect good powerful airspeed with also a lower speed for softer surfaces. The main thing we looked forward to with this model of Toro Blower was how well it would manage with the leaf vacuum and mulcher.

Firstly we found that the weight of this electric leaf blower is 3.3kg…This is pretty light compared to some of our other leaf blower reviews. However we did see that the overall size with the nozzle was pretty large, maybe a little too big for some. It may be a little large but when we tested the leaf blower out we was very happy with how well it delivered, it managed to clear pretty much all leaves whether wet or dry.

We moved onto the leaf vacuum and leaf mulcher. When switching from leaf blower to leaf vacuum or vice versa you require switching nozzles, which may seem like a bit of work but really it was easy. It has an easy design which really makes it a minute to switch nozzles. Once switched all you need to do is flick the switch to leaf vacuum an your off! We discovered that this model has its own unique design for the fan…This helped well with leaf mulching for which is designed for and we did see an improvement. With mulching the leaves there is a 53 litre bag available, very large, which looked decent especially from recent leaf blower reviews we have done. The leaf vacuum done well in sucking up leaves and then mulching them into the intake bag, probably the best combination leaf blower we have tested so far!

Customer Experiences

We researched this particular 51593 Toro Blower to gather previous customer experiences, some of the main pointers:

• The overall size was too big and heavy…although mixed reactions to this point.
• No protective feature was added to the nozzle, due to this usage on hard surfaces will wear the nozzle little by little.
• Although it includes the large 53 litre bag some thought it was too large and even dragged on the ground.
• Little limited by electric leaf blower cord although that is really expected from electric leaf blower models.

• Great garden tool and powerful
• The variable speed feature is excellent, allowing usage over softer surfaces such as gravel.
• Design of the handle made for good ease of use
• Was not so noisy as previous models used (Not specifically any Toro Blower)

Our Conclusion

From testing this 51593 Toro leaf blower and leaf vacuum we found it a great buy. We really had little negatives to say as it delivers well. The main concern or negative we had was that it was an electric leaf blower so it had the limitation of a cord…but really this is not a big issue for such a great leaf blower.

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